#5: Favourite Christmas Movies.

Christmas movies are one thee greatest things about this time of year. I don’t think there’s anything comfier than being in your Christmas pj’s with some candles lit and watching some of these movies.

  1. The Holiday. –A must watch every year
  2. Love Actually. – Our Christmas Eve night movie
  3. Nativity. – Yes it’s a kids movie but it’s absolutely hilarious
  4. Elf. – No explanation needed
  5. Christmas with the Krank’s. – When I used to be off school for Christmas I used to watch this so it holds a special place for me – other people don’t seem to love it as much.
  6. Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special. –Not a movie but a must watch
  7. Fred Claus. – LOVE this
  8. Bridget Jones Diary. – Not technically a Christmas movie but love watching this at Christmas.

And I think they are all of my absolute favourites.


3 thoughts on “#5: Favourite Christmas Movies.

  1. Excellent choices! I also LOVE Christmas with the Kranks. I caught it on TV one day and loved it so much I bought it on DVD. This post has made me crave a Christmas movie day!


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