#6: Favourite Vlogmas’ To Watch.

For every YouTube fan December is the best month. So many people uploading daily it’s hard to keep up but I thought I’d make a list of some people that I try my best to keep up with and really enjoy watching.

  1. Zoella: I thought I’d get the most obvious one out of the way first. Been watching Zoe since around 2011 and her vlogmas’ videos are ones I watch all year round a lot of the time as comforting background noise. I know a lot of people have their opinions of her but I think she’s an incredible woman. Zoes Channel. 
  2. Rose and Rosie: I only started watching these two this year so I’ve never got to watch their vlogmas properly but I’m so excited for their vlogmas this year. I think they are hilarious – and also for the vegans that follow me Rosie is a vegan so I’m hoping she’ll have some Christmas food chats during it. Rose and Rosies Vlogmas Channel 
  3. Niomi Smart: Again another one for vegan followers she’s great for vegan what I eat in a day vlogmas’. I really enjoyed her videos last year. Niomis Channel.
  4. Tanya Burr: Not someone I watch all year round because I really just cannot relate to her life whatsoever but I find her vlogmas videos very festive. Tanyas Channel.
  5. The Sacconejolys: Although they vlog everyday I do love to watch their Christmas vlogs because it nice to watch family vlogs at this time of year. They’re also doing a giveaway everyday before Christmas on their channel. Sacconejolys Vlogs.

I was hoping I’d have more to add to this list but a lot of people are not doing vlogmas this year. I do realise a lot of these are big youtubers and I would’ve loved to shoutout some smaller youtubers but I could not find any who were doing vlogmas so I do apologise but I hope you enjoy these vlogs. 


8 thoughts on “#6: Favourite Vlogmas’ To Watch.

  1. I’ve only been watching Zoe’s vlogmas this year, and like you, I’ve been loving it! I know what you mean about Tanya Burr, she’s a lovely woman but her everyday life is so ‘out there’ now. I hadn’t heard of Rose & Rosie, will check their vlogs out.


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