Vegan Food In Dublin (Token)

Last Friday my sisters and I went to visit Token in Smithsfield, Dublin. This is not a vegan restaurant but it has a lot of vegan options. It has a really old school vibe about it – it’s full of arcade games. It’s a really cool restaurant.

We tried to order pretty much everything vegan on the menu and I think we succeeded.

I ordered the vegan “chicken” fillet roll, which they called VCFR for short on the menu. It was delicious it had vegan garlic mayo on it and it was so good. I also ordered the herb fries which came with a side of ketchup and they were also amazing.

My sister’s ordered the vegan hot dog or “nah dog” as they call it and the chilli fries and the vegan tenders which were called “animal love”. I tried the hot dog and loved it. And the tenders were in my roll too and they were so good.

I really loved this restaurant and will definitely be going back. If you’re ever in Dublin you should definitely try it out.

Website: Token Dublin


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