Realistic January Goals. 

On New Years day I looked back on my 2017 goals and I could only tick off about three that I achieved. I aimed too high. This year I want to have many small goals and some big. 

This is probably the most important for all of us. Right now I have exams and I am failing to make time for self care and it’s not good. The next few weeks I want to spend more time looking after myself. Self care can include anything you want for me it’s cleaning my room, having clothes prepared for the day ahead, relaxing baths, painting my nails, reading a book, meditation and just doing things that help me feel refreshed and motivated.


I know everyone aims to exercise more in January but for me saying I’m going to go to the gym 3 times a week and do 50 squats a day just is not realistic for me and I’d be setting myself up for failure. My goal is to walk regularly and do yoga and exercise from home with YouTube videos – I love doing these because I don’t feel self conscious like I do exercising in public and I can blare Beyoncé as loud as possible. Yoga is a great one too because it relaxes you aswell and moving your body and exercises.


Last year I filmed One Second Everyday for the whole year and I’m continuing to do this this year – but I never take enough photos of people. I always take photos of scenery and trees and skies and what have you but I never take pictures with/of people and I want to do more of that this year. I love having memories to look back on.


Many of you, like me, may be doing exams this month. Mine started last Thursday and continue until this Friday. I can’t wait to finish but I’m really hoping I do well in them and I really hope all of you who are doing them do too. Remember to look after your mental health aswell as studying. And may we all get the results we want.


Since I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in January 2015 I haven’t gone on a night out and I gave up drinking alcohol. This month I have a friends birthday which is a night out and I really want to be able to overcome my anxiety and do it. I want to make good memories this year and to do that I need to get out of my comfort zone.

I hope you found these interesting or helpful. Happy New Year everyone.


6 thoughts on “Realistic January Goals. 

  1. It is so hard to set yourself SMART goals (SMART goals is a method that I was taught so I could make achievable goals definitely check it out), but last year I set them for the first time and I managed most of them. Good luck for your friends birthday and I hope to see you sharing your night in the coming weeks!


  2. I need to work on being more sociable myself. I’m not good at it at all. Setting goals is SO important but they tend to fall through the cracks when they aren’t realistic. Great post!


  3. A lot of your goals are similar to mine this year – self care, being more sociable, capture moments – so it’s been inspiring reading about how you aim to do these!


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