#12: Balancing Study, Stress and Christmas.

Now we’ve come to my last day of blogmas, I was hoping to do 24 posts but I really don’t have as much time as I thought I did. So I’ll leave you with what my December is going to be spent doing – studying. Like me many of you may have December or January exams so I thought I’d share the things I’ll be doing to try and study this month.

1. A Timetable: 

I think this is most important for me because I have a habit of procrastinating. Set yourself a timetable that is reasonable and doable. I plan to only study one or two subjects in a day so my brain doesn’t get too confused. I’m also going to study within daytime hours like I would at college. 9-4.

2. Mind Maps:

Mind maps will be your best friends, whether it’s a brainstorm or just writing out a list of key words and sticking them up on your wall. If you know the key words sentences should come a lot easier to your mind.

3. Balance:

Like I said in number one I will only be studying during the day so that my evenings are always free and I’m still getting enough sleep. My lecturer gave us good advice which was ‘keep your social life but before you go do something, do something’. Which basically means live your life but do a little study before you do it so you don’t guilty about it.

4. Social life and Christmas:

Christmas time is my absolute favourite time of year so as much as I’m going to be studying I want to still enjoy Christmas. I will be trying to do as much Christmas related things as possible.

I hope yous found these helpful and I apologise Blogmas has ended 12 days early. If I do anything festive or worth writing I will blog about it.

Happy Christmas.


9 thoughts on “#12: Balancing Study, Stress and Christmas.

  1. I am really finding it hard to maintain Blogmas, last year I did 12 days of Christmas and this suited me so much better. This is a great post and I am going to reblog it, happy holidays!


  2. Exam and the festive season is so not good together. It’s a lot of stress. Trying hard to manage blogmas, class texts, entrance exam and a research paper🙁. I agree with the points you mentioned, especially the balance one. Good luck with your exams!


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