#11: Vegan Sweets for Christmas Day.

As many vegetarians/vegans know it’s very hard to find sweets that are gelatine free but I’ve found some good ones that I’d thought I’d share.

1. Candy Kittens: Only two of the flavours of this brand are actually vegan and I’ve tried one which are the sweet pineapple and they are so good. If you’re from the UK these are in nearly every second shop – boots, superdrug, etc. In Ireland you can get them in Topshop.

2. Veggie Percy Pigs: The greatest invention ever. I absolutely love these, you would not notice the difference between the regular version and these. You can get these in Marks and Spencers and they actually have a few types of jelly sweets. There about €2.

3. Vegan Marshmallows: These are unbelievably good. I never realised how much I love marshmallows until the day I found out there was gelatine in them I was devastated but these literally taste the exact same they are so good. I get these in Holland And Barrett and they also have gelatine free cola bottles, gummy bears and lots of other jelly sweets. So good.

4. Chocolate: There are so many brand’s of vegan chocolate I don’t even know where to begin – some brands are even unintentionally vegan such as Cadburys Bournville there are brand’s such as moo-free, Plamil, and more that you can get in Tesco, Supervalu, Holland and Barret and health stores. The calender below is from Tesco.


5. Ice cream: Again there are so many vegan ice cream even Ben and Jerrys do a dairy free ice cream now. There’s also brands like Alpro and Nobo they come in all different flavours, all of which are available at Tesco and Aldi.


6. Unintentionally vegan sweets:

  • Starburst
  • Oreos
  • Millions
  • Jelly Tots
  • Skittles
  • Lindt Dark Chocolate
  • Fry’s Chocolate Cream
  • Walkers: salt and vinegar, ready salted, prawn cocktail.
  • Skips
  • Pringles – Orginal, BBQ, paprika, and even smokey bacon.
  • Doritos – lightly salted and chili heatwave.
  • More food on Peta UK.

Really hope you found this blog helpful and would love if you could choose to switch some of these for your regular sweets. Christmas is thee worst time of the year for animal cruelty so let’s try and make a difference. I will have veggie breakfast and dinner ideas soon too.


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