#10: Favourite Blogmas’ Posts So Far.

There has been a lot of Blogmas posts to keep up but as I’ve been reading them up now I’ve kept a list of some of my favourite posts I’ve read so far.

  1. Journaling Maddie: Her post is all about visiting the Manchester Christmas markets. It looked amazing and it’s definitely somewhere I’d love to visit at Christmas time.
  2. Chrisy Loves: Chrisys post is all about DIY Christmas table centrepiece. I just think this blog was so creative and nothing I’ve read before this blogmas. Loved the idea.
  3. Victoria Kaitlin: Victorias post was all about her favourite things to do on a cosy night in. I’m a big fan of a cosy night in so I really enjoyed this post.
  4. Alys7 ways to manage social anxiety at Christmas. I was going to do a post on this myself but I feel as though she really nailed it and I don’t think I could add to it. If you suffer from anxiety I’d definitely recommend giving this post a read.
  5. Amaiem: Her post shares some recommended vegan kitchen essentials for students.  I 100% support anyone who is living/promoting a cruelty free life so I definitely recommend checking out this blog.
  6. A Path To Vegan: Although this girl isn’t doing blogmas I wanted to shout her blog out because I absolutely love it. Her most recent post is a review of not dogs. Which I actually wrote about myself back in November and I loved that place.
  7. A Life of Charlette: Her post is all about Good deeds to do this Christmas. I thought it was a really thoughtful and nice post and one that many people would enjoy.


These have been my favourite to read so far along with many others. If you have a chance, give their posts a read.


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