#2: Christmas Mantelpiece Decorations. 

My mantelpiece is usually a part of the sitting room I ignore at Christmas time but this year I was really excited to dress it up. It makes the room look way more festive and I love it.

First of all I bought the garland from Deals for €5, this is the main part of the mantelpiece and just makes it look really festive. 

I then bought Christmas lights which had 50 lights on it and wrapped it in and around it. These lights were also from deals for €3. It’s hard to notice them in pictures because of the flash but they are white fairy lights.

The Elf and Santa ornament are from Penneys/Primark for €3, you could use any ornament really but I thought these were really cute.

The two candles were only €1 each from Penneys and I love them. Gin and Tonic and Wild fig and red berries.

The pegs and string are from New Look from last year which were €8 and the pictures are polaroids from last Christmas that I added last minute.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration from it. Penneys/Primark have some of the nicest and cheapest Christmas decorations this year. Deals/Poundland are also great for little bits to add to your decorations.


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