Veggie Food in Glasgow. 

Last week I spent three days in Glasgow to go see Harry Styles in concert. I’ve visited Edinburgh before and they had loads of vegan/vegetarian restaurant’s and Glasgow did not disappoint. They have so many vegan restaurants it’s insane.

1. Mono:

Mono seems to be the most famous vegan restaurant in Glasgow from what I’ve seen and read online. They have a massive vegan menu filled with anything you could ever need and we were there on World Vegan Day so they had even more of a selection to celebrate. I ordered pizza and chips with a garlic mayo and my sister got sushi with cheesy garlic bread and apple pie for dessert.


2. V & V Cafe: 

I think this was my personal favourite. It is extremely hard to find a good vegan/vegetarian breakfast or lunch menu. This place had a whole menu for both. Vegan sausage baps – toasties with vegan coleslaw, it was so so good that we went there every morning and ordered the same things. My sister also got a vegan hot chocolate with marshmallows.


3. The Flying Duck:

This is another fully vegan restaurant that’s also a bar – it has music and lots of games for you to play at your table. It’s at very chilled place. They had so much on the menu that we did know what to choose. I got a classic burger with chips and coleslaw which was unbelievable. My sister got the same and some chilli chips which she said was her favourite meal from the whole trip. 


4. The 78:

Before Harry last Thursday we stopped in The 78 Cafe for something quick to eat. This is an all vegan cafe. I ordered garlic bread and cheese and chips and my sister got their burger with chips. We were in a rush and didnt get to spend much time there but’s a really nice restaurant.



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