Veggie Food in Birmingham.

Last Saturday I travelled over to Birmingham a day early for Hello World. I stayed there from Saturday until Tuesday morning and found some good vegetarian and vegan food. 


This is an all veggie restaurant and they will make any food item vegan for you. They are located in the bullring shopping centre. They’re food is so like meat it’s scary. The place was unbelivable – definitely a must go to.


Queen B Burger (V):

Houmous Hot Dog (VE):

Waffles (VE):

Fake Chicken Nuggets (VE):


This was not a veggie restaurant but it did have some vegetarian options but not a lot of vegan options. I got the penne Arribiata which is my favourite food so I was happy. The restaurant is really cute and really affordable. If you’re ever near the Primark in Birmingham it’s just a two minute walk from there. 



We have Zizzis in Ireland and after Hello World on Sunday I was starving so I knew their pizza would be a good bet. Zizzis is amazing for vegans. It has a whole menu dedicated to vegans with starters, mains and desserts. This one of the few vegan pizza options but I can’t remember the name of it (its the one with butternut squah) and I got some potatoes on the side too.



Pirlos is a dessert lounge – it has many vegetarian options and some vegan options. Everyday they have a new vegan cake of the day – when we were there it was victorian sponge cake. They also have lots of diferent types of sorbets and vegan waffles with fruit on top with dark chocolate too. I went for a smoothie and some ice cream and my sister got the waffles.



On our last night we took the easy option and ordered a wagamamas – we both weren’t overly impressed with our meals. I got the yasai katsu curry (V) and my sister got the yasai salma curry (VE). The picture below is the vegan curry, I unfortunately forgot to take a picture. Wagamamas have a vegan menu but in the one we were in there were very few options on it.



Lastly everytime I come to the UK I pick up some Candy Kittens vegan sweets – they are not all vegan but the ones pictured below are and a few others. The vegan ones will have a green label with vegan on them so do check them before buying.


That’s all for Birmingham food – it definitely wasn’t the easiest city to find veggie food in but it wasn’t the worst. I’d highly recommend Not Dogs if you’re a vegan or vegetarian who used to love burgers, hot dogs or anything meaty. 

I’ll have a blog all about Glasgows veggie food soon. 

I hope you found this blog helpful. 


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