Harry Styles Live – Glasgow.

On Tuesday I travelled to Glasgow to go see Harry Styles on the Thursday. Orginally when I bought these tickets Harry hadn’t announced an Irish date so I tried everywhere to get a ticket so I didn’t miss his first tour.

The venue we were in was the SEC centre which apparently only holds 3,000 which was amazing because it meant no matter where you were you were going to see him. 

I have been a fan of Harry since the Xfactor and have been to see One Direction live so many times so I knew he was going to be amazing. 

He opened the show with Ever Since New York and then the rest of the show was filled with songs from his album alongside a Fleetwood Mac cover of The Chain and two One Direction songs which I was so happy about. He also sang his song he wrote for Ariana which was one of my favourite songs to hear live. 

The concert was unbelievable – he is one of thee most talented musicians out there and I think so many people refuse to listen to him because of how the media portrayed him and the rest of the 1D boys as childish and cringey. When in fact if you were to listen to Harrys album or any of the recent 1D albums you’d realise there’s nothing childish or cringey about them. They’re so talented and their lyrics are incredible. 

Harry has always been so good at working the crowd everytime I’ve seen him live but the way he makes everyone in the building feel safe is something else. He tells the audience to be who they want to be, he tells them he loves them no matter who they are or where they’re from. He wears flags for all different sexualities. I wore my Rose and Rosie pride tshirt.

He told the crowd in Glasgow to close their eyes and to take a minute and hold hands with the people beside you and to raise your arms in the air. I didn’t know the people beside me and I’m not normally comfortable doing something like that but you just knew you were safe.

The feeling in the building was one of no judgement and just happiness. I danced like no one was watching and sang so loud and I felt amazing. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

If you haven’t already seen him live or listened to his album I promise it won’t disappoint.

His merch is labelled with ‘treat people with kindness’ and I love it. I wish I could have bought it all – but I did get a good amount. 

I have a few videos on my YouTube channel if any of you want to watch: https://youtu.be/F7DTVIdfctg

Have a nice day.


5 thoughts on “Harry Styles Live – Glasgow.

  1. Love the post! I really wanted to go to his concert but sadly he isn’t coming to my city! But I’m happy you had a great time! Besides, it’s his concert what we expect right? 😉 xx


  2. I’m so excited to buy merch at his concert!! I see him in July ❤ And you’re so right, the media portrayed 1D in this light and I CANNOT explain to my friends that he’s an ARTIST, a MUSICIAN, not just a teen pop boy band member.


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