Hello World Live – My Experience.

On October 29th, Sunday I attended Hello World Live in Birmingham. After going on Twitter Saturday night and reading so many negative tweets I was nervous for the day ahead of me but I didn’t allow other people’s opinion effect how my day was going to go.

Many of the complaints were from parents who were annoyed their children didn’t get to meet the YouTubers – it has always been stated that it wasn’t a meet and greet that’s what Summer In The City and Vidcon are for. So many people love to jump on the negative bandwagon and I understand maybe some people did have a bad day and I do respect that but it seems as though many did it just for the drama. Some even creating accounts just to tweet about the event.

I went into the event assuming I wouldn’t get to meet anyone – but I met four people and I got to see every YouTuber on stage. 

I have been watching Zoe since 2011 and getting to see her on stage knowing she, like me, suffers from anxiety inspired me so much. 

Josh and Oli deserve a medal for the amount of work they did around all the stages yesterday, they were absolutely everywhere. They both even stopped to get a picture with everyone who tried including my sister and I which they didn’t have to do. 

Rose and Rosie – absolute angels, they were so nice. They were walking by and I suddenly got a burst of confidence and asked Rosie could I get a picture and she was happy to take four photos with me because we weren’t sure if they worked. She let me up on the barrier to get the picture even though the security were shouting for me to get down. They were both so lovely and I finally got to buy one of their tshirts from the merch stand.

We got to see Mark Ferris, Sean Elliott O’Connor, Nikki and Sammy and Saffron Barker but didn’t take pictures as they were all being crowded by fans. 

The show I thought was amazing. As a YouTube fan is was like getting to be involved in a YouTube video. I really enjoyed it – it made me laugh a lot. 

The Vamps were incredible live, that was my first time ever getting to see them and I loved it.

The day went by so fast and we were not bored at all – there was always someone to see or something to do.

I really hope the negative comments don’t effect the event happening next year as I’d love to go again. 


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